Ozi Varmints Cotton Solid T-Shirt - Shark

$19.95 AUD $28.95


Presenting our Ozi Varmints 100% Cotton Twin Stitch T-Shirts. Where you get to choose your favorite Australian marsupial or marine life design.

Discover our Australian-designed marsupials – The Varmints are back in style.

These T-Shirts are fantastic gifts for kids or to send overseas. We offer a wide selection of matching shorts and hats. Feel free to go through our collection.

They're super soft and comfortable. Our unique printing technique ensures the images won't crack or peel, even on our stretch Tees.

Looking for a cool and affordable gift to send abroad? These T-Shirts are lightweight and easy to post, weighing just 100gms.

We stand by our products, and if you're not satisfied, we'll replace them for FREE.

Sizes are true to size. Depending on the kid too. A size 2 fits a 2-year-old, and for bigger kids, we recommend a size 4. 

Ozi Varmints Australian Designed & Owned

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