Ozi Varmints Cotton Solid T-Shirt Red

$19.95 AUD


An excellent addition to your children's wardrobe! Choose from our Ozi Varmints Cotton Solid T-Shirts, featuring a selection of captivating Australian marsupials or marine life designs. 

Perfectly suited for kids, these T-Shirts are just the tip of the iceberg. Explore our extensive collection of matching shorts and hats, completing your ensemble with a distinct Aussie flair.

Made from soft cotton, these T-Shirts offer a luxurious, delightful feel. Our one-of-a-kind printing method at Ozi Varmints guarantees that the designs stretch flawlessly, never showing any cracks or peels, even on our stretch Tees.

Looking for a stylish and budget-friendly gift to send abroad? You've found it! These T-Shirts not only showcase fashion but also come in a lightweight package, tipping the scales at just 100 grams.

Rest assured, we firmly stand behind the quality of our products, and your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we offer a straightforward guarantee – if you're not entirely satisfied, we'll swiftly replace your item at no charge.

Our sizes are accurate and fit true to size, although it also depends on the child's build. For instance, size 2 is perfect for a 2-year-old, but if you have a bigger child, we recommend opting for size 4.

Available Varmints Shark - Wombat - Koala - Croc

Ozi Varmints Australian Designed & Owned

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