Wombat Ozi Varmints 100% Cotton T-Shirt Emerald - Wombat Flexi Print

$19.95 AUD


Our Wombat T Shirt A great addition to your kids' wardrobe! Ozi Varmints Cotton Solid T-Shirt Emerald. Feel free to choose the Australian marsupial or marine life design that you like the most.

The Varmints' signature designs, now revived and better than ever.

Great for children and perfect as gifts for friends and family overseas, these T-Shirts are just the start. Discover our wide range of matching shorts and hats, creating a complete Aussie-inspired outfit.

Made from incredibly soft cotton, these T-Shirts provide a luxurious sensation on your child's skin. Our unique printing method at Ozi Varmints guarantees that the images stretch smoothly, without any risk of cracking or peeling, even on our stretch Tees.

Looking for a cool and affordable gift to send abroad? Look no further. These T-Shirts are not only stylish but also lightweight, making them easy to send with a mere weight of 100 grams.

Are you on the hunt for a cool and affordable gift to send overseas? There's no need to search any longer. These T-Shirts not only exude style but also boast the convenience of being lightweight, tipping the scales at a mere 100 grams.

Sizes are true to size. Depending on the kid too. Our size 2 fits a 2 year old. But if you have a bigger kid, go for the size 4.

Ozi Varmints Australian Designed & Owned

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