Ozi Varmints Yellow Socks - Roo

$3.95 AUD $7.95


Introducing Ozi Varmints Yellow Socks  - Roo, where comfort meets Australian charm. Made from 100% cotton, these socks are a perfect souvenir for kids and a thoughtful gift for birthdays, Christmas, or overseas visitors.

Each pair features a whimsical Varmint character design, including Roo Wombat, Koala, and Grub, allowing kids to showcase their favorite Aussie critter. With an Australian-designed touch, these socks are more than just clothing; they're a piece of Australia that kids can wear with pride.

Whether you want to add a dash of Australian flair to your child's wardrobe or send a piece of Down Under to loved ones around the world, Ozi Varmints Coloured Socks are the ideal choice. Elevate their style and introduce them to the unique wildlife of Australia with these beautifully crafted and designed socks.

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