Ozi Varmints Boys Racer - Red

$14.95 AUD $24.95


Ozi Varmints Boys Racer - Red, the ultimate choice for active kids seeking comfort and sun protection during their aquatic adventures.

Crafted with care, this swimwear essential is designed to keep your child both stylish and safeguarded from the sun's rays. Made from high-quality Nylon Lycra fabric boasting a remarkable 50+ UPF Sun Protection rating, it ensures your young one enjoys outdoor activities without worrying about harmful UV exposure.

Featuring an elastic waist and leg, the Ozi Varmints Boys Racer - Red guarantees a secure and flexible fit, allowing your child to move with ease during their water-based escapades. Whether it's a day at the beach or a lively poolside outing, this swimwear piece is the perfect companion.

What sets the Ozi Varmints Boys Racer - Red apart is its versatility. It's an ideal choice for wearing beneath Board Shorts or our Aqua Nappies, making it a practical addition to their swimwear wardrobe.

Embrace the best of Australian-designed swimwear with the Ozi Varmints Boys Racer - Red. Keep your child comfortable, stylish, and protected as they create unforgettable moments by the water's edge.

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