Loving Yourself Beauty Set

$59.95 AUD


Love Acupuncture now has speciality items for all your beauty needs.

The Love yourself range is about self love and self nourishment.

Love yourself beauty set includes a luxurious rose quartz roller and gua sha. Each rose quartz set, comes with its own product box, to keep your product safe, with instructions on the bottom of the box. These are beautiful quality with non-squeak technology.


Enjoy this beautiful authentic Chinese Medicine tool to help revitalise your face and skin.

Gua sha and rolling is known to improve circulation of blood to the face as well improve collagen and elastin production, giving your face a new found glow. 

*Consistent, long term use is necessary to see results and results may vary.

These products are designed and created by Love Acupuncture, Sydney, Australia.

How to use:

Both the gua sha and roller tool can be used in a similar way, although the gua sha is used more for lymphatic drainage and contouring the face as well as used on the neck and shoulders in times of pain and stiffness. Use either one or both tools in a session

To begin, cover the face with your favourite oil. I recommend an organic rosehip oil.

Gently scrape  or roll the tool across your face in a long, sweeping motion. You don't want to apply too much pressure, just enough to bring the blood flow to your face.

Begin with the forehead, sweeping over three lines, upper middle, lower forehead. Do this 10x each.

Then begin with the cheek area, again doing the same, sweeping over 3 lines in an upwards direction on the upper, middle and lower cheek.

Use the V shape of the gua sha is used  to contour the chin and jaw line, sweeping up, repeat 10 x each.

Then sweep down the neck in 3 - 5 lines, x 10 each.

Use the small edge of the tool or the small roller to sweep under the eyes and on the eyebrows, over the lips and nasal lines

Use the curved area  of the gus sha to massage the temples. This is deeply relaxing.

You can spend more time in your problem areas.

Use 3 - 5 times a week. 

Come Gift Boxed