Artesands AT1741VDR E/F One Piece Oz Resort

$129.95 AUD


Raphael is our modest style for E/F cups. We say Raphael has all the bells and whistles; this style provides maximum support for a woman with E/F breasts.

- It has a full shelf bra with underwires and removable cups.

- Hidden internal adjustable bra fitting for the ultimate of bra support. Looking at this swimsuit you would not know all of these support features are hidden in the garment.

- Thick adjustable straps for extra comfort and support

- Strap clip feature - on the shoulder straps you will see a clip. This clip can be undone and the straps can be crossed over. This is for ultimate support; the straps can clip and lock across the back. This will hold the weight of heavy breasts more comfortably on the shoulder blades and not on the neck which leads to neck problems and headaches.

- Another benefit of the strap clip is it is very secure, there will be no pinging off.