Australian Designed Fabrication

Beautiful cushions   soft velvet-touch faux fur fabric with a hidden zip.
Fabrication: Polyester

Durable Fade Proof

Hand wash in cold water. These cushions are fade proof, printed in soya, sustainable inks on both sides.

The Collection

Australian designed, wildlife, collection of Australian Birds, Kookaburras, Black Cockatoo, Sea turtles, Galahs, Major Mitchells, Rainbow Lorikeets, Pelican,s Magpie and Eagle Rays

About the Artist

Lisa Glynn is an artist from Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches which has inspired her to create works depicting beaches, tropical scenes and wildlife and especially Australian birds and their incredible beauty. Her works, colourful and vibrant, evoke feelings of the Aussie lifestyle, casual and relaxed, surrounded by lush beauty.   

"Colour is vitally important to me. We have such richly coloured wildlife in Australia, from the Birdlife, to the sea creatures, to our native flora. Reproducing these colours and making them a main feature of my work brings accuracy and a certain life to the piece". 

Most works use watercolour, a medium suited to her love of colour and its beautiful clarity and also because it is known as the most 'unforgiving' of painting mediums; there's no turning back if you make a mistake and it's a fast paced medium which produces artworks that 'hold light' and truly stand out. 

Great Australian Souvenir gift, easily posted around the world - flat packed.

45 x 45 cm

Eco Friendly Eco Cushion Inserts Available