Ozi Varmints Boy Leg Swim Shorts - Red

$19.95 AUD $24.95


Introducing Ozi Varmints Boy Leg Swim Shorts – the perfect choice for kids who love fun in the sun. These swim shorts are designed with style and comfort in mind, making them a versatile addition to your little one's swimwear collection.

Crafted from high-quality Nylon Elastane Lycra, these swim shorts are not only soft against the skin but also offer excellent stretch for ease of movement. The elastic, soft waist ensures a secure and comfortable fit, making them ideal for active young swimmers.

With a 50+ UPF rating, these swim shorts provide essential sun protection for your child, giving you peace of mind during those sunny beach or pool days. Your kid can have endless fun while staying safe from harmful UV rays.

What makes these swim shorts truly special is the option to choose from a range of adorable Australian characters, our beloved Varmints, to customize your child's swimwear. Whether it's a kangaroo or a koala, your child can have their favorite Aussie friend right on their swim shorts..

Ozi Varmints Boy Leg Swim Shorts are more than just swimwear; they're a statement of style, comfort, and personal expression. Equip your child with these versatile swim shorts, and let them make a splash with their unique Australian-inspired swimwear.


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